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Grinders Signature Hot Sauces take home 4 trophies in The Hot Pepper Awards

The Hot Pepper Awards

The Hot Pepper Awards 2013 Announces Winners (announced 12/30/13).

The Hot Peppers Awards is highly regarded as the fiery foods competition that recognizes superior quality products, by chiliheads, for chiliheads.


Founded in 2007, 2013 was The 7th Annual Hot Pepper Awards.

The Hot Pepper Awards is an annual international fiery foods competition hosted by, the Internet's first, and premier chilihead community.

Top categories are Hot Sauce, Wing Sauce, Salsa, BBQ Sauce, Dry Spice, Condiment, and Open Class.

Sub-categories are categorized by pepper type, heat level, flavor profile, or intended use of product, allowing for a fair and level playing field between like products.

In 2013, sub-categories were created for some of the newest and most popular superhot peppers, including Ghost, Trinidad Scorpion, and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion.

The Hot Pepper Award is the top (overall) award for each category. 7 Hot Pepper Awards were given as well as 183 sub-category Awards in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, 4 Industry Awards, and 5 Foodie Awards.

Winning Categories included:
• Wimpy (Mild) and Molten (Medium) won 1st place for wing sauce, while Death Nectar (X Hot) took 2nd place.
• Grinders Signature Hot Sauce Line won the Picasso Pepper Award (Best Labels and Artwork).

Awards list:

The Hot Pepper Awards

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