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Posted November 05 2009

Grinders & Grinders West are proud to be Green. Recycle, Reuse, Reduce. Join us in making the Crossroads a greener part of Kansas City.

•Grinders West has used recycled products for construction and floor (Recycled industrial rubber hose for light fixtures, Maytag washer glass domes with computerized LEDs for wall installation, crushed Skyy Vodka bottles/cement terrazzo floor, Mens restroom has a 4ft barbed wire ball chandelier, recycled wire safety glass for partition & backsplash, Recycled floor tiles for wall covering, found wood & glass custom mirrors)
•All tables in Grinders West are shadowboxes created by local Kansas City artists mounted on reusable bases
•Both restaurants use fluorescent lighting or LEDs in 95% of fixtures
•Both restaurants & CrossroadsKC Music venue recycle plastic cups, cardboard & (now) glass bottles through the Ripple Glass recycling program started by Boulevard Brewing Co. and Deffenbaugh (see article:
•Some kitchen equipment was used or refurbished from local sales distributors
•Grinders West uses hot water on-demand systems
•Grinders heats its water 85% by using residual heat from refrigeration units in the basement
•Our restaurants have replaced some of the A/C condensers with high-efficiency units and are working on the balance this spring
•Grinders is now developing a system (will be in full operation in 30 days) to heat the restaurant using the excess (reclaimed) heat from the pizza ovens
• Grinders uses found, recycled or repurposed materials for interior design, fixtures & artwork (Womens restroom countertop is a car bumper/trunk, pick-up truck tailgate partition in men’s restroom, Lighting utilizes Army helmets, ductwork sconces & Christmas lights --- Swiss patrol skis built into as a fence for divider wall, metal road signs to cover holes in the floor, patrons sit on recycled car/airplane/van seats, local Kansas City art covers the wall. The bar has a breathing tank turned into beer tap, recycled maps in resin for bar & a repurposed turnbuckle for a footrail.)

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